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Le Lola at location MOBi


            "Jurjen Galema transformed MOBi, NP3’s container art space, into Le Lola Nightclub, inspired by two of Dante Alighieri’s deadly sins: pride and lust. Composed entirely of handmade soft fabrics and metres-high sculptures, Le Lola is a world full of strange figures, intriguing stories and interactive elements. In this unique environment, Galema investigates highly personal subjects such as gender, identity, kitsch and popular culture. Lola Lasagna, CEO of Le Lola, provides young queer artists with a stage, and together, through live performances and festive events, they will give clubgoers an unforgettable experience."

        As part of the production team I helped Jurjen in sewing, building up the installations and assisting at opening days. Sewing without pattern and figuring things out as we go was a new way of working for me, and seeing Jurjen create these pieces and being able to help him in the process was a unique experience, just like the Nightclub performances the Gallery gave a platform to.

Le Lola is part of Young Grunn Artist III
YGA is a talent development programme, set up by NP3 in partnership with the Groninger Museum and since 2021 supported by the Gerrit van Houten Stichting.
Made possible by gemeente Groningen, Stichting Beringer Hazewinkel en Stichting Stokroos. 

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